Nutrition Consultations

Initial consultation ($120)

This is just the beginning of your journey. During your first visit, a full health assessment and recommendations will be done. You will discover and set your goals to aim for optimal health.

What to expect prior to your consultation

A questionnaire asking about your history and health will be done.

What to expect during your initial consultation

You are unique and every consultation will be tailored to you.

Your nutritionist will help guide you to optimal foods for you and your body.

You will receive a personalized eating plan and goals.

Follow-up consultations ($65)

Together we will assess how you did. Were you successful? What were the challenges? How are you feeling? Your personal plan will be adjusted as needed and new goals will be made.

Maintenance consultations ($40)

Are you in maintenance mode? We all need a check in to keep up on track. During this consultation, we will fine tune your progress and work on motivating you forward.